Raptor Max  52V 40AH
Raptor Max  52V 40AH
Raptor Max  52V 40AH
Raptor Max  52V 40AH

Raptor Max 52V 40AH

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an ebike that`s the life of the blook party

Superior performance for any occasions

  • 60-120+ Miles
    Mile range
  • 52V 40AH
  • 2000 Watt
    max Power
  • 35-40mph
The Dual-Drive 20 e-bike is designed for speed and power. With its 52V battery system ,it is the ultimate choice for those who demand the best performance. This e-bike comes with features such as a high capacity 52V 40Ah integrated battery, a premium headlight with motorbike style bright headlights, turn signals, brake lights, upgraded shock absorbers and much more. Upgrade your ride with the Dual-Drive 20 today!

Hidden Downtube Battery

Compared with external batteries, hidden batteries look more beautiful and are protected from wind and sun, providing protection and extending battery life. At the same time, this design is independently developed and patented
High quality battery,Large capacity battery  52V 40AH

Rear Shocks

High-quality hydraulic shock absorbers, 300Lbs, give riders the ideal balance of stability and cushioning, even on rough and challenging terrain.

Bluetooth Function

The Screen has a new Bluetooth function, which can be connected to the Bluetooth of a mobile phone to display cycling mileage and battery status. Best of all, navigation is possible, with navigation arrows displayed on the gauges

Hydraulic Suspension Fork

High-quality front shock absorbers with locking function


You can choose single drive mode or dual drive mode, change at will.This one we are unique.
In single motor mode, you will feel the outstanding performance of the 1000W motor. It provides stable and powerful power, allowing you to tackle the city's undulating roads with ease. Whether you're commuting to work or relaxing at the weekend, the single motor mode will meet your daily needs.
However, when you want a more powerful experience, simply switch to the dual motor mode on the Raptor e-bike. This gives you an amazing burst of power and more drive, whether you're climbing steep hills, racing into the wind or taking on more challenging trails.


Mode 1

Front motor, 1000 w

Mode 2

Dual motor, 2000 w

Mode 3

Rear motor, 1000 w
Dual Drive

Top of the line, premium highpowerdual drive for your Pro Drive

The Raptor is equipped with both a front and rear motor, each with up to 1000 W. But we have gone further than that, we have taken our innovation to the next level and designed a patented single and dual motor switchable function for you.We are proud of our single and dual motor switchable function which not only gives you excellent performance but also makes riding an expression of individuality and freedom. Choose the right drive mode for your needs and scenarios and make your ride a unique adventure.
1000wSingle Motor
2000wDual Motor

Drive experience


Know the details


Front drive assist, Rear drive assist and Dual drive assist


TFT, colorful, waterproof, with Type-C port, display dual power

Plastic Rope

Head Light

Suspension Fork

The suspension fork is made of Magnesium alloy material, which is light in weight and has good strength, making it easier for users to ride on flat roads or climb slopes, making it more labor-saving




Hidden down tube battery 52V 40AH


Soft saddle, can customize leather saddle

Tail Light


Hydraulic shock


The Shimano 7-speed transmission in Japan allows users to shift gears more smoothly.


Single motor 1000W, dual motor 2000W

Twist throttle

  • Side
  • front
  • back

Technical Specs

  • Tire:20*4 KENDA/INNOVA "
  • Battery LG/SANGXING, 52V 40AH"
  • Charge 4-6 hours,working life is two years"
  • PASFront drive assist, Rear drive assist and Dual drive assist"
  • Derailleur 7-speed "
  • TFT colorful, waterproof, with Type-C port, display dual power"
  • Brake Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake"
  • Spokes304 stainless steel spokes"
  • Shock absorbers 300 Lbs"
  • Accelerator: twist throttle
  • Suspension fork: Magnesium alloy material. Lightweight and strong, allowing the user to ride easily on flat surfaces or when climbing hills
  • Frame: made of aluminium alloy.
  • Derailleur: Japanese Shimano 7-speed transmission for smoother shifting by the user
  • Torque: The product adopts bilateral torque, which can provide more accurate sensing and riding experience
  • Shock: Hydraulic shock absorber
  • Battery: 52V 40AH, 4-6 hours charging time, 2 years working life, which is hidden down the tube.
  • Instrument: 2 years warranty Easy to remove and install, no wires to connect, dual power display,
  • Mode:4-speed boost mode (ECO, TOUR, SPORT,TURBO)
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Tyres: Kenda tyres: 20*4 KENDA/INNOVA, made of rubber
  • Distance: Riding distance up to 60-120+ miles in pure electric mode and up to 60-120+ miles in mixed riding and electric mode
  • Spokes: 304 stainless steel spokes, never rust
  • Shock: Adjusted to 100lbs/445N
  • Controller: Landian Controller--52V 40AH (Continuous peak current).

**Battery range and speed estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, pedal assist level, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. mileage and speed may vary.

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Clean your INBIKEOU bike just the way you would clean a regular bike. The battery can handle water, but it is recommended to remove the battery before hosing down your INBIKEOU bike.

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Suitable for various road conditions

mountain road, sand, beach,cross, gravel

How to install

How to install headlebar?How to install front wheel?


Common applications

"Leading the way to green living with professional bikes"


Test drive experience

Dennis L Brodsky
A powerhouse of performance! This ebikebrand offers an exhilarating ride with its impressive speed and powerful motor.
Theresa W Chavez
Unmatched comfort and convenience withInbikeou. This brand understands the importance of rider comfort, evident intheir ergonomic design and adjustable features.
Donald  Ford
Inbikeou delivers on durability andreliability. Built with high-quality materials, this ebike brand ensures longevityand reliability even under challenging conditions.
Dorothy S Killian
Experience seamless control with Inbikeou'sintuitive technology. Equipped with advanced electronics and user-friendlycontrols, these ebikes offer a seamless riding experience.
Eugene  Phillips
Style meets sustainability with Inbikeou.Not only does this brand offer exceptional performance, but it also promoteseco-friendly transportation.
Carmen W
As a consumer with a passion for fashion and technology, the YBKO-01 e-bike caught my eye and allowed me to have a hands-on experience with it. Here, I would like to give high praise to YBKO-01.
Kyle R Reyes
Overall, YBKO-01 e-bike impressed me with its simple and stylish design and ultimate performance. With it, I experienced the future trend of travelling and extreme fun. Choose YBKO-01 to add a fashion and comfort to your travelling!

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