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Dennis L Brodsky
I like the fact that I can go further with extra battery But does weigh a little bit on the bike to carry around But with this bike, you don’t even notice the difference.
Theresa W Chavez
Right after assembly we took them out on a 10 mile ride on pavement and off road. The bikes handled well on pavement and did pretty well off road, I even took some 10"-15" jumps and the rear suspension did rather well.
Donald  Ford
This bike is a beast. It will go anywhere that you wanted to go. The battery last forever. Just rode 15 miles through the hills and it still had three bars left on the charging battery. It will go over just about anything. I am having so much fun with it that I cannot explain it.
Dorothy S Killian
An electric bike is a quality choice, an attitude of enjoyment, a gesture of playing cool, so unique and convenient.
Eugene  Phillips
A lot of attention to detail regarding manufacturing. Very easy to unpack and assemble. Took less than 30 minutes. Of all of my bikes, this is the most fun to ride. The suspension provides a very smooth ride ” wide tires hug the ground to provide a stable ride.
Marie  Cox
This tires are simply amazing for comfort and speed. I live in Panama City Beach and can ride this bike up and down the dunes (when slightly wet mind you as dry sand sucks) for miles on this bike. I road 10 miles down the coast on wet sand and weigh 230 pounds no problem.
I love this bike, I love the outdoors so much and this bike is so good I can do all sorts of stunts with it!
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    Inbikeou is a quality choice, an attitude of enjoyment, a gesture of playing cool, so unique and convenient
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