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Warranty policy

Our brand INBIKEOU is finally well on its way to meeting you in 2023, a day that is the beautiful result of years of struggle by all our team members.

2 Year Limited Warranty

A two (2) year limited warranty applies to products purchased from INBIKEOU authorized channels. Warranty coverage is non-transferable and applies only to the original owner and original product. Warranty service only provides repair services and does not provide replacement.

The warranty begins on the date of purchase and does not cover e-bikes purchased from unauthorized sources. To obtain warranty benefits, you must provide your receipt as proof of purchase and verify your name and address and all other information submitted at the time of purchase.

 Orders that participate in limited-time major promotions do not enjoy warranty service.

You can only enjoy warranty service once during the warranty period, and that ends here.

What does this warranty cover?

Our two-year warranty service is divided into two situations:

  1. If the battery, motor and other components are found not to be working properly after the goods arrive, our company will replace them with new equipment, and only in this case will our company allow new equipment to be provided to customers.
  2. After the customer rides, if the electric vehicle is flooded, broken, or overloaded, causing the electrical components to short-circuit and not work, this is considered improper operation by the customer. Our company does not assume responsibility and does not provide warranty service.
  3. If the customer needs us to repair and there is a dispute, the electrical components need to be sent back to our overseas warehouse for testing and data reading. After that, our overseas warehouse engineers will perform repairs, and our company will not bear the return freight.