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about us

INBIKEOU was born to lead a green life, we were founded in 2015 and have exported our products to 40 countries so far.We are proud to offer an eco-friendly dual-drive electric motorcycle that reduces carbon emissions and guides everyone to enjoy the pleasures of life in the outdoors. Our mission is to provide a platform for outdoor sports enthusiasts and daily commuters to buy and communicate with each other openly.


Our brand was born out of love


The 5 P's condensed


Professional cycling industry


WE Are Building A Community

Our Story

INBIKEOU has been engaged in electric bicycles for more than 10 years. The company has its own R&D team and has developed and designed a patented dual-wheel drive vehicle. The brand we named INBIKEOU will finally meet you in 2023. This day is the wonderful result of many years of hard work by all our team members. As avid cyclists, we know the benefits of cycling. We hope to spread this sense of joy around the world and get more and more people joining cycling teams. So far, our products have been exported to 40 countries, and many years of bicycle manufacturing experience have made our team more and more professional.

Our Mission


Our brand spirit is professionalism with focus


The quality of our products is constantly being completed in the pursuit of perfection


Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of life in the outdoors with our bikes


Our goal is to be the brand that drives the progress of the electric bike industry


Each team member has passion for our business


INBIKEOU was created to lead a healthy and enjoyable life. We are proud to offer eco-friendly twin-drive electric scooters that reduce carbon emissions and guide everyone to enjoy life outdoors.


We Are Building A Community

A powerhouse of performance! This ebike brand offers an exhilarating ride with its impressive speed and powerful motor.
Unmatched comfort and convenience with Inbikeou. This brand understands the importance of rider comfort, evident in their ergonomic design and adjustable features.
Inbikeou delivers on durability and reliability. Built with high-quality materials, this ebike brand ensures longevity and reliability even under challenging conditions.
Experience seamless control with Inbikeou's intuitive technology. Equipped with advanced electronics and user-friendly controls, these ebikes offer a seamless riding experience.
Style meets sustainability with Inbikeou. Not only does this brand offer exceptional performance, but it also promotes eco-friendly transportation.