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Shipping policy

Our brand INBIKEOU is finally well on its way to meeting you in 2023, a day that is the beautiful result of years of struggle by all our team members.

Shipping Information


Electric bikes shipped within the contiguous United States qualify for free shipping*.And we DO NOT ship to PO BOXES or APO. 


Our bikes are carefully packaged and protected for easy transport. When purchasing bicycles and other items simultaneously, we will try to ship your order in one box, but sometimes we need to send multiple shipments. Please do not worry if you do not receive the products at the same time.

*Special circumstances such as large orders, new product launches or days of restocking may result in extended shipping times. If this is the case, we will note it on the product page and send a follow-up reminder via email


Signature Requirement

All shipments will require a signature upon delivery. It is your responsibility to be up to date and contact the shipping for any delivery date changes. INBIKEOU will not be responsible for any unable to be delivered packages.


Please note that once the products are signed and received, INBIKEOU will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. If you choose not to sign for the delivery due to the covid-19 situation, the above policies still apply.

Please Note: We are not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged as a result of the actions or omissions of FedEx or UPS services.



We do not collect sales tax from our customer.

Shipping Changes & Cancellations

Before shipment:

You can cancel your order by contacting us at

Cancellations are not confirmed until you get a valid confirmation email from our customer support team. A 5% credit card processing fee will be deducted (this is not taken by us).

Change of address: No fees.

Change of model: No fees.


After shipment:

Order Cancellation:  For any order that has been shipped (you have received a tracking number) to be cancelled. There is a 5% credit card processing fee and a $150 shipping fee.

Change of address: There are no fees if address can still be changed, if not, you can reject the package and pay $150 shipping fee to cancel the order. .

Order change: Orders cannot be changed.

Rejected shipment:

If an order shipment is rejected and sent back to us via the third party shipping service, we reserve the right to charge a shipping fee of $150 per e-bike for re-shipment. If you do not wish for it to be re-shipped, we will treat this as a refund request and will require you to pay a $150 shipping fee and a 5% credit card processing fee.

These terms are governed by and disputes are resolved through the laws of China.
Force majeure factors such as epidemics, the logistics link may be delayed or interrupted. Therefore, during an epidemic, we may be forced to add a description of logistics delays as follows:

Due to epidemics, the logistics process may face health and safety challenges, such as transport restrictions, regional blockades, flight cancellations and so on. This may result in delayed or incomplete delivery of the products you have ordered.

We will endeavour to work with our logistics partners to ensure timely delivery of orders. However, due to the unpredictable nature of epidemics, we do not have full control over the process and timing of logistics. As a result, we are unable to commit to delivery deadlines or guarantee accurate arrival times.

In the event of a delay or interruption in logistics due to an epidemic, we will endeavour to notify the user and provide the most accurate logistics update possible. Users can also contact our customer service team at any time for an update on the status of their order.

INBIKEOU will not be held responsible for logistics delays or non-deliveries due to epidemics and reserves the right to adjust delivery terms if necessary.

We ask that you understand and take into account the possible impact of epidemic factors on logistics during your use of the Service. We will do our best to provide accurate and timely logistics updates and to minimise logistics delays. Thank you for your understanding and support.